(Dorothy thinks it's outrageous top pay $4.00 a tin for smoked oysters when Blanche comes up to their shopping cart at the supermarket)

Blanche: Oh come on Dorothy! If you ever have a man who's a little, sluggish, a tin of these and a bottle of cold duck you'll be pryin him off the wall!!


(Rose talking about her 8 hour telethon for saving the McKinley Lighthouse)

Blanche: Well I would love to help!

Rose: You?! You'd turn it into a disgusting manhunt!!

Blanche: A disgusting manhunt! What a great idea! Oh, we'll all get dressed in little safari outfits and have the men in cages. Then we'll let them out and they'll all run around in loincloths! Every man who gets caught will donate $50.00. Then we'll get to take them home with us!! (Rose stares at her in disbelief) Fine then! Save your own damned lighthouse!


More to come soon!

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