Rose's St Olaf Stories

"The Great Herring War"

It's like the Great Herring War. Between the Lindstroms and the Johanssen's. The two families controlled the most fertile herring waters off the coast of Norway. The Johanssens wanted to pickle the herring and the Lindstroms wanted to train it for the circus. (Blanche: Wouldn't it be kind of hard to see the little herring riding the elephants?) No, it's a herring circus. (Dorothy: Tell me something, Rose. Did they ever shoot a herring out of a cannon?) Only once. But they shot him into a tree. After that, no other herring would do it. (Blanche: You're makin this up!) I am not! My Grandfather told me that story! Of course, he also used to call me by my sister's name. And sometimes, he'd wear his underwear on the outside of his pants. Guess he wasn't a very reliable source!!


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