The People Of St Olaf

- Rose was known as the Sherlock Holmes of St. Olaf.

- Ned - the town idiot.

- Neals Federlander - town jerk who worked at Lars Soda & Tackle Shop.

- Uncle Gunter

- Sonya Henderfeinkins - Rose's childhood friend.

- Lucky Gunther - had a tractor accident where his arm was replaced with forceps. Lucky delivered babies and served corn at the annual Rotary picnic.

- Helgie - Rose's friend

- Lenny Lenderflaut - Rose's schoolmate; sat behind him in class.

- Ingmar - Rose's cousin who did bird imitations.

- The Amazing Shapiro - was an Obstitrition Magician who delivered her daughter Bridget.

- Sigfried and Roy Feud - psychotherapists who co-wrote, "If I Have all the Cheese that I want, why am I still Unhappy?"

- Else Holdenfaulfer - Rose's friend.

- Nolan - Rose'd cross-eyed cousin from Ohio. Blanche & Dorothy slept with him.

- Little Yemeni - boy who was raised by a moose and was put through medical school.

- Hans Flegelfliester - citizen

- Ms Ciderson - school teacher and lip reader.

- Henrietta - Rose's prize cow.

- Mr. Hoffenhaizer - gentleman who inseminated Harry the cow.

- Adam - Rose's son who was conceived on The Day of the Princess Pig.

- Jenella - Rose's daughter who was conceived on Hay Day
- Kearston - Rose's other daughter who was conceived on Wheat Day.

- Claire Ousterhausen - Claire's husband was stationed somewhere during WWII and she got pregnant while he was gone. Rose believes because of this, sperm must live outside of the body; it came over by mail, she claims.

- Adolph Stepp - St. Olaf's most eligible bachelor.

- Olga Fetching - St. Olaf's beautician and most unattractive woman.

- Vidal Sassboggendogger

- Mr. Snuffles - Rose's prize piglet.

And more great ones coming soon!!!

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