Sophia's Sicily Stories

"Bruno Bonafiglio"

Bruno Bonafiglio! Picture It...Sicily..The Keyante has a green hue and tastes like Desinex. They call in Sicily's foremost Podiatrist, Bruno Bonafiglio. He's the one who prescribed arch supports for Musslini. (Dorothy: Must've really helped his back when they hung him from his heels!) Forget him! I'm talkin about Bruno Bonafiglio! I take one look at him and I have a hunch that he's trouble. But nobody believes me. So what happens? He cures everybody and wine sales skyrocket. (Dorothy: Wait, wait, wait, Ma. Unless I'm missing something, your hunch was wrong!) My hunches are never wrong! Now, everyone is living high on the heart and eating rich foods. The next thing you know, there's a gout epidemic, nobody can stomp grapes! And Bruno makes a killing selling orthapedic sandals. (Dorothy: Now don't tell me, he went to America and changed his name to Dr. Scholl?!) No, actually he developed a foot fetish and suffocated whenever he shoved his head into a ladies rubber boot.

More coming soon!

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