Our Pledge To You: The TGGUSA Promise to Viewers

As the webmasters and designers of our website, we base our information on one source: YOU!

We take all of your requests seriously- You won't get snapped at, you get a reply, and we try to help you as much as possible.

We pledge to you that we will constantly keep adding the things that you suggest or request. We feel that all of your requests are important and if it wasn't for you, our website would not offer half the information it offers today.

We pledge that we will keep the site alive and keep it spiced up. When it is in need of redesigning or updating, it will be done.

We answer your questions to the best of our knowledge. And when we don't know the answer, we'll still reply back and try to help you find your answer.

We are totally devoted to our viewers. We want our viewers to let us know when there is something that needs fixed, needs added on, etc. Whatever you feel is important to the site for your sake we feel it is twice as important.

We respect all of our viewers. When you have something, contact us and let us know what you'd like us to add, etc.

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