*Leslie Nielsen*

Leslie guest appeared in the Final two episodes of TGG, Season Seven's 'One Flew Out..' Parts One and Two. He played Blanche's Uncle Lucas Hollingsworth. In the First Part, Blanche had a date planned for the exact night that her Uncle was to be in Miami. So she begged Dorothy to go out with him. Once the two went on their date and discovered what Blanche had said about one another, they devised a plan to get back at her. They decided that they would pretend they were madly in love with each other. So when Blanche found out that they were 'in love', she had a fit. But towards the end of Part One, Lucas admits to Dorothy that he really does have feelings for her and that he really loves her. And when he asks Dorothy to marry him, and he really means it, Dorothy says yes. Blanche is outraged and does not want them to get married. It continues on to Part Two, where Blanche finally gives in, and the two get married, which results in the ending of the 7 year era, and the ending of one of best shows of all time.

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