Did you know that......

Bea Arthur's real name is actually Bernice Frankel


TGG consumed over 100 cheesecakes during the show's 7-year run...and Bea Arthur hates cheesecake!


The show ran for a total of 7 years, was nominated for 57 emmys, and won 10


The show ended in 1992 when Bea Arthur decided to leave the show


TGG was rated in the Top 10 every year in Nielsen Ratings


Estelle Getty is 4' 11" tall


Rue McClanahan's real name is Eddi Rue McClanahan


Rue is the youngest actress and Betty White is the oldest actress


The door in the kitchen that supposedly lead to the "garage" was really a passageway to the back hall (where the Girls' rooms were located) to get backstage


Blanche's room, if you look back at the end of the hall in some episodes, was actually a door to backstage


In the Pilot episode, the Lanai is located right in back of the living room and Blanche's room is back off to the left beside the lanai


In other episodes, the Lanai is back off to the left of the living room, and Blanche's bedroom is at the end of the hall


Sophia's age was never actually determined...in one episode she was 80, but in the next she was 83!


Betty White did not actually do those flips in the episode where the Girls go to the dance marathon...there was a stunt double


In one episode, Blanche's middle name was Elizabeth, but in another, where her Mammy Watkins visits, it is 'Marie'


Harold Gould, who played Miles, actually played in the earlier episodes, Rose's boyfriend Arnie, that she went on a cruise with


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