Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase episodes of The Golden Girls on VHS/DVD?

Answer: Yes! In early 2003, be watching for the first season of TGG on DVD!


Q: Where can I buy pieces from the original sets of the show?

Answer: Ocassionally on eBay there are people auctioning off things such as scripts, jewelry, etc, so just check around on eBay because sometimes things do appear!!


Q: Is this the official Golden Girls website?

Answer: Although we would love to have the official site, our sources tell us that Lifetime's Golden Girls section is the Official Website as of the moment. Whether this is true or not we have no way of knowing. There are lots of excellent Golden Girls websites out there as well, and each one of them have something different to offer!


Q: Is Estelle Getty sick with Parkinson's Disease?

Answer: Estelle Getty is indeed sick, but it has been said that it isn't quite Parkinson's, but the doctors are treating it as if it were, because everything is so similiar. Estelle is no longer signing autographs due to her health.


Q: Is there really a rivalry between Betty White and Bea Arthur?

Answer: Not exactly. Bea just never really appealed to Betty. There has never been a such thing as an all out 'feud' between the two.


Q: Did Rue McClanahan really have breast cancer?

Answer: Yes indeed. And she survived it, she is a very strong person and has pulled through it completely.


Q: Is Herb Edelman still alive?

Answer: Sadly, no. He died several years ago.


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