*Dorothy Zbornak*

Full Name: Dorothy Zbornak (her middle name was never mentioned)

Age: Although it was never really said, in her 50's would be a good guess

Occupation: Substitute Schoolteacher

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Watching Jeopardy!, Slamming the Door in Ex-Husband Stan's face

"Dorothy" is the sophisticated, sarcastic one who is usually known as the "dateless, levelheaded thinker" (as it was once put) of the group. Dorothy would rather be at home on Saturday night curled up with a good book than go out on the town. She is very logical and very straight up about most things. She is also most famously known for slamming the door in her ex-husband Stan's face! Dorothy is a great friend and gives great advice (especially when it's sarcastic!)

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