*Burt Reynolds*

Guest appeared in Season Two's hilairious episode 'Ladies Of The Evening', where Blanche wins three tickets to Burt's dinner theatre and for the cast party afterward. Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose all decide to get hotel rooms on the Beach so they'll be closer to the action. When they try to figure out how to come up with the money to stay at one of the nicer hotels, Blanche tells Dorothy & Rose not to worry, that she knows where she can get a good deal. Later, Blanche comes home and announces that she's found a place. On the night of the event, the Girls get picked up in the hotel's lobby because they are in with Hookers. As the Trio set in jail, Sophia comes to bail them out-but when Dorothy tells her mother that none of them are giving up their ticket, Sophia gets angry, and happens to steal the tickets from Blanche. Sophia ends up going and the next day, after she bailed the Girls out, brags about her night with the stars. Dorothy insists that her mother is making it up, until the doorbell rings and Burt Reynolds is standing in the open doorway.

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