*Blanche Deveraux*

Name: Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux (her initials ironically spell 'BED'!!)

Age: Unknown. Although sometimes it is 35, 39 or anything at or below 40.

Occupation: Works at a museum..although you have to wonder if 'Man Hunter' would qualify as a job!

Hobbies: One word sums it up: Men!

"Blanche", the sassy Southern Belle of the group, is best known for her man-craziness. She dates 'many, many, MANY men' (as she once put it) and loves to have a good time. Blanche was born and raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Blanche mostly talks about the fun she had with the boys back home, and loves to rag the other girls when they don't have dates or when they have boring dates. Blanche is also a good listener and gives fairly good advice, but is best at comforting and just being a good friend when one of the other girls need a shoulder to lean on.

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