TGGUSA started out in early March 2001 as 'The Golden Corner'. But the birth of the site began in late January 2001 whenever a few of friends got together and discussed the idea of creating a Golden Girls website that was based on the response from the fans- putting up things on the site that the fans requested, instead of just having the basic GG info, have all sorts of GG info, both serious and fun things. We got a huge response after upgrading our website in the last quarter of 2001, whenever we suffered a huge drop in traffic after the horrific events of September 11. Once traffic returned to normal and we upgraded our appearance, we started getting double the traffic, our highlight day being the day we got over 700 visitors in one whole day--Something we have never accomplished since or before then...something no other Golden Girls website has accomplished. In the summer of 2002 we decided that our website needed some overhauling. And it was at the very same time of the year, right after September 11, that our website was reborn. A new name, a new face, but the same great stuff. The Golden Girls USA was named after the show and our great country. We are the #1 American-made Fan Site (as told by our viewers) for The Golden Girls. We listen to our visitors and take their information requests seriously. After all, if it wasn't for the fans, we wouldn't be the largest Golden Girls resource online!! We'd like to give out a special thanks to all of our visitors for taking the time to view our website and send us your questions, comments, and requests!! Keep em rollin!

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